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To begin with some facts, for century's handbags and purses have been in existence. The very first bag was found in 3,300 B.C. mummified. However, between that time and now, handbags have evolved and are available in different shapes and sizes and colours. Even people who don't support the animal leather often buy themselves a synthetic form of a leather handbag.


There are many types of ladies leather bags and some of them are:


o  The Hobo Bag

o  The clutch

o  The satchel

o  The tote

o  The messenger bag


Leather bags have more to it than just being a bag, clutch or purse. It possesses characteristics of durability and style and if taken proper care of can last for a very long time. The cost of purchasing leather bags can be somewhat of a great investment and once purchased who wouldn't want to take care of it? As we all know genuine leather is very attractive and when not cared for, the leather can become broken and cracked up. Some information on taking care of you leather handbag are as follows:


o  Remove moisture from the bag by wiping with a soft cloth

o  Have your handbag polished every two months


Designers usually design new styles ever season for those who can't get enough of fashion. As a result you may be on a waiting list for months to obtain your designer handbag. However the most important thing to note is that a leather bag is never out of fashion. Some of the most popular names in leather handbags are Prada, Fendi, Coach, Gucci and Jimmy Choo. Check out for more info about women’s bag.


For those of you contemplating on buying leather tote bags for the first time, you must be aware of the imitations. These fake bags are widely available and look almost identical to the original. The difference is that the material used to make these imitations are nothing compared to the original and are not worth the small fee which is usually charged for them. Some points to look for when distinguishing a fake are:


o  Carefully look at the lining and tag

o  Check the leather - genuine leather is soft, pliable and of course very appealing


Another aspect of taking care of your handbags, is finding a proper storage area for it when it's not in use. When not in use you can stuff the inside with tissue paper in an attempt to keep the shape of the handbag. For longer storage, that is if you are not using the handbag often or packed away for a season, they need to be stuffed with gloves and folded scarves.